McQuillan Companies cover a diverse range of services from civil engineering and construction to quarrying and waste management.

29 April 2016
Solar PV Installation

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5 February 2016
Pattersons Outdoor Cleaning Solutions Ltd have been awarded the Gold Standard ..

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3 March 2016
Woodlands Park – 3G Playing Pitch & Pavilion

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McQuillan Quarries

McQuillan Quarries includes Budore Quarry, located at Dundrod, Belfast and Edentrillick Quarry Ltd, at Dromore, Co Down

Each Quarry utilises the latest production equipment available to the industry, ensuring quality assured products and an efficient service. The Quarries are certified by ISO 9001:2008 to ensure the supply of all quarry materials, high PSV chippings and bituminous products are of the highest quality.  McQuillan Quarries also have HAPAS certification and CE Marking for their bituminous products.

Budore Quarries, is conveniently positioned to service the Greater Belfast, Lisburn and South Antrim area. Quarry materials available provide the basis for any construction site requirements, ranging from commercial and private developments to road preparations. The product range varies from face rubble, crusher runs to aggregates.

Edentrillick Quarries Ltd is in an ideal location from which to supply South, East and West Down. As well as catering for the construction market the site produces a quality high PSV material which is not only incorporated in the production of bituminous products but also exported the UK and Republic of Ireland.

Both Quarries are complimented by having the facility of an Asphalt Coating Plant on site. Budore and Edentrillick have hot storage capacities in excess of 400 tonne, for mixed bituminous materials.

Along with hot rolled asphalt, asphalt concrete and stone mastic asphalt mixes produced at each plant, Budore also has a recycled asphalt product (RAP) facility which allows the blending of recycled materials, road planings etc, with raw materials therefore providing a reduction in our carbon footprint and emissions to the environment.

The Coating Plants are computerised which allows any mixed material to be traced through the plant using batch records to check temperature and mix composition. The mixed product is then checked by our internal laboratories according to the latest standards, to ensure compliance to the relevant specifications.